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Richard Simmons' Manager: Return to the Spotlight Is 'Possible'
Is Richard Simmons preparing for a comeback? The reclusive fitness mogul recently signed a business deal for licensing, merchandising and endorsement opportunities - and Simmons' manager isn't ruling out the possibility of a return to the spotlight.
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MICHAEL CATALANO - chael has been marketing brands and launching products since 1988 as well as exclusively managing the career of Richard Simmons for the past 25 years – spearheading the growth of one of the world’s most iconic and enduring brands in health and fitness.

Just one week after graduating high school, Michael landed the coveted position of PR assistant for the company representing the legendary Studio 54 in New York City.

He later founded his own personal management and public relations company in Los Angeles, and, following its acquisition two years later in 1988, formed Celebrities Plus, Inc., a boutique agency specializing in identifying brand ambassadors for global PR and advertising campaigns.  Offering full production and national booking capabilities, Celebrities Plus, Inc., is unique in its ability to orchestrate a successful campaign from start to completion.

Michael has created successful campaigns for such brands as Ocean Spray, Crest, Carnival, SONY, Clorox, Diet Coke, Wishbone and Old London and recently shepherded the direct response campaign for “Batman: The Complete TV Series” for Warner Bros.

Richard Simmons Manager Michael has been marketing brands and launching products since 1988 as well as exclusively managing the career of Richard Simmons for the past 25 years - spearheading the growth of one of the world's most iconic and enduring brands in health and fitness.
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Richard Simmons' Manager Says the Fitness Guru Doesn't Want Attention: 'He's Not Asking for a Curtain Call'
On the hit podcast Missing Richard Simmons , host Dan Taberski digs into Richard Simmons' life in the three years since he left the public eye, saying that it's a public plea for Richard to come back to all the people who miss him. But Simmons doesn't want the attention, his manager tells PEOPLE.
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Richard Simmons' Fitness Empire Revealed: What Is the Star's Net Worth?
by Alli Rosenbloom & Corinne Heller | Richard Simmons wouldprobably never have to work again if he doesn't feel like it, so it's not that surprising that he's choosing to chill out at his Hollywood Hills mansion these days.
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''New'' Richard Simmons Pic Makes Disappearance Even More Confusing
Is Richard Simmons really "missing"? The 68-year-old boisterous fitness guru, who rose to fame in the '80s with his "Sweatin' to the Oldies" aerobics videos, has not been photographed in public for more than three years and is the subject of a popular podcast called Missing Richard Simmons from Dan Taberski, a former regular at Simmons' Beverly Hills studio, which closed last year.
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7 Things You May Not Know About Richard Simmons
For years, short shorts-wearing '80s fitness icon Richard Simmons became known for his "Sweatin' to the Oldies" aerobics videos and high-energy personality and positivity. He made appearances on The Late Show With David Letterman and other shows. Then more than three years ago, he seemed to disappear from the public eye.
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Missing Richard Simmons Podcast Claims Are a 'Complete Load of Crap,' Rep Says
Where is Richard Simmons? It's the question at the center of the most popular podcast in America as friends of the beloved fitness guru delve into his sudden disappearance from public life.
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Richard Simmons inks new licensing deal
Is reclusive fitness guru Richard Simmons planning a return to public life? The headline for The New York Times article "Richard Simmons Signs With Licensing Firm. Is a Re-emergence Next?" with a link to the story was posted to his Twitter account Thursday.
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Richard Simmons pictured for the first time in THREE YEARS
Richard Simmons, 68, has spent four days in Cedars Sinai hospital after he fell ill with indigestion He returned to his LA mansion Thursday evening in a car driven by his housekeeper, Teresa Reveles The fitness guru, last seen in public in 2014, waited in his garage until his manager and cops arrived He then entered his home hidden under a thick blanket, guided by Reveles, 64, and guarded by police He appeared rather frail as he exited the vehicle.
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A Look Back at Richard Simmons' Final Year in the Public Eye
It's safe to say everyone misses Richard Simmons. The last time the fitness guru made a public appearance was in February 2013. However, the topic of his disappearance has been making headlines lately due to some recent health issues as well as a podcast called Missing Richard Simmons, which has documented Dan Taberski's mission for solving why Simmons has gone MIA from the public eye for over the last three years.
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